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Balcony And Terrace

Balcony And Terrace

The system is designed to provide a cost effective solution for the efficient removal of surface water. Recommended for facilities where hygiene, corrosion resistance, and visual appearance are important. Available in various sizes and with shallow and constant depth channels for optimum performance. Use of advanced manufacturing technology provides latest generation modular channel drain / trench drain with seamless welds. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also ensures leak-free operation when installed correctly.

Can be manufactured for longer lengths with multiple outlets making it suitable for transporting large quantities over longer distances. Conventional gratings and solid covers are available which makes them suitable for a wide variety of applications . The system is highly durable and modular.


  • Heavy duty HDPE Polymer/Galvanized Steel /304 stainless steel gratings provide low weight, scratch and were resistant construction and long lasting performance.
  • Size of channel (130mm x 60mm).
  • High discharge capacity, up to 180 liters per minutes; comes with folded edge for easy installation.
  • Grate can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Compatible with both large and small tiles.
  • Custom fabrication for site specific needs or unique scenarios.
  • Connects directly with all standard plumbing fittings ensuring seamless integration between indoor and outdoor areas.


  • Various indoor and outdoor applications in industrial, commercial and residential areas.
  • Load Class A 15 for pedestrian areas.