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Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover

A manhole or an inspection chamber is a unit constructed underground to provide access to the utilities like a sewer system, drainage system, etc. Hence, with the help of a manhole, underground utilities are inspected, modified, cleaned and maintained.

Purpose of Manhole

The main purpose of a manhole is:

  • To perform inspection, cleaning, and removal of any obstruction present in the sewage line.
  • The joining of sewers, the change of direction or the alignment of sewers can be performed with the help of manhole.
  • These have a perforated cover which helps the foul gases to escape. Hence it is a good means of ventilation for the underground sewage system.
  • Manholes help to lay the sewer line in the conventional lengths.

Quality & Feature

  • Available in standard size. Also we can customise as per customer requirement.
  • Loads may vary according to the application. (Human load, Car load, Truck load, heavy duty load, fire tender load).
  • Comes with I- bolt arrangement for easy lifting.
  • Available in various materials like. GI, MS, FRP, SS