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Basement Drain System (gutter)/water guards: Our basement drain system is cost effective, reliable and hygienic and suitable for basements and car parking spaces. It is highly efficient and user friendly method of water drainage. Can be used for new construction as well as for renovations.

The importance of Parking & Peripheral Drain System

Heavy rains result in water logging which causes inconvenience and is not desirable even from safety perspective. Climate changes leading to unpredictable heavy rains make this problem even severe. In the industry spaces, the rain water gets contaminated with chemicals and needs to be quickly removed and carried to purification plants. Our drain provides quick and safe discharge of rain water with a hassle free operation.

Composite Self Sloping Channel

Our Composite drain channels with in-Built slope are ideal for car parks and basement applications where water collection and removal is the key. SNK composite channels come with a inbuilt gradient of 1:200 with depths starting from 50mm till 250mm in the span of 30 meter length. This smooth slope can be extended further with uniform depth channels at regular intervals. These Channels are available with various gratings for car loads (EN1433 C250 E600) like High Strength Ductile Iron Grating, composite designer grating and HDPE grating.

Available Self sloping in SS & HDPE


Our Basement Drain

  • Gratings are manufactured in ductile iron and do not need a strengthening frame. Also available with GI grating and Z frame
  • Load bearing capacity of 40 tonnes.
  • Contributes to the environment by ensuring safe discharge of contaminated water.
  • Ideal for residential areas, sports facilities, private’s car parks etc.
  • Supports 3 load classes

HDPE Self Sloping Drain Channel

we introduce our patent Product HDPE selfsloping channel of size: W250mm this is one of our fabulous product. This is highly recommended where the depth will be in increasing order. This allows the large area to be drain with min. amount of outlet & without need of underground pipe application in traditional system. For speedy work we will provide inbuilt gradient os 1:200 in the channel.it insure that faster removal of water with min retention time.

SS 304 self sloping drain Channel

Inbuilt sloping is also available in SS 304 drain channel also.is it specially or recommended for commercial kitchen uses. In this product min width is 100mm & it will vary in the multiple of 50mm. Depth starts from 40mm & it will increasing upto 250mm. it is specifically used where availability of depth is less.

Advantages of Composite High Strength Channels

  • High thermal stability With UV resistance.
  • Anti theft as composite materials have no scrap value.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • Inbuilt slope stops stagnant water at the channel bottom.
  • Easy to install and maintain with minimum joints.
  • Compatible with range of SNK Gratings designed for various load classes to choose from.

Advantages of Basement Drain Systems

  • Easier to install in the internal side. The grating can be easily opened using the screws for cleaning and other purposes. This makes periodic maintenance easy and time efficient.
  • Cost effective and affordable than conventional systems.
  • Proven performance under varied conditions and applications.

Our Basement Drain Systems Available In Three Variants

  • Standard drainage system size 250 x 250mm
  • Linear drainage system sizes 100 x 55mm and 100 x 160mm
  • ‘z’ frame with hills and grating in GI size is 1000 x 250 x 20mm